Business Start-Up

Sole Proprietorship? Partnership? LLC? Corporation? Which makes the most sense for you and your Illinois business? This decision will impact your personal exposure for the company’s debts and liabilities and will impact how both the company and you are taxed.

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Ccontracts / Terms and Conditions

Business runs on relationships and every one of these relationships is governed by a contract. Don’t let a misunderstanding in a significant relationship with a client, supplier, or service provider damage your business. Put it in writing.

Business Disputes: Lititgation & Arbitration

If you get sued call us immediately. An early investigation and evaluation could find grounds for dismissal or identify a third party who owes you a defense through a contractual indemnification. Don’t ignore a lawsuit: the clock is ticking on your opportunity to defend yourself.

Regulations / Compliance

Business is getting more complicated every day. Don’t risk your business to an operational failure. We can explain the complex web of regulations that applies to your business, write policies and procedures for your employees to follow to ensure you stay in compliance, and even help train your employees.

Marketing Practices / Sales

Things happen fast in today’s business environment. We can work with your marketing and sales teams to negotiate contracts and help you resolve contract performance issues. We can also review your marketing plans and marketing materials for compliance with laws and regulations in real time.

Naperville Business Attorneys

Contact the DuPage county business attorneys at Appelman & Associates today for help with your business legal needs. Call for a free consultation: (630) 717-7801.