Litigation is the process involved in filing a lawsuit. Generally in Illinois, there are Small Claims Suits and all other lawsuits. The dollar amount in dispute determines which type of lawsuit it will be. Any lawsuit in which the amount sought is under $10,000 is considered a Small Claims Suit and must be filed in Small Claims Court. All other disputes can be filed in a regular court. Fortunately, the trial attorneys at Appelman & Associates LLC are experienced in both types of lawsuits!

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General Litigation

No one wants to have to file a lawsuit, but sometimes people do not have the resources or knowledge to resolve a disagreement on their own. This is the time to call Appelman & Associates LLC. Law suits are complex and difficult and you want someone with the expertise and ability you can trust. When everything seems to be at its worst, we pledge to you to be at our best!

Common Types of Lawsuits

Appelman & Associates LLC can help with a variety of complex causes of action whether the dispute arises from a breach of contract; you need to pursue an injunction or temporary restraining order, have been hurt or injured in an accident, or even need help defending yourself from a lawsuit.

Small Claims Disputes

In Illinois, it is not necessary to hire a lawyer to represent you in a small claims dispute, but it certainly increases your chance of success. While the courts may consider these matters inconsequential, the trial attorneys at Appelman & Associates LLC know that these issues are anything but small to you. We pledge to treat your issue with the same sincerity and seriousness as you do. Our attorneys have a proven track record of experience and success in both filing and defending small claims suits.

Common Types of Illinois Small Claims Issues

Any legal dispute in which the total amount of damages claimed is less than $10,000 is considered a small claims suit. Often these suits deal with issues stemming from breach of contract, fraud or deceptive sales practices, personal injury, or landlord tenant disputes.