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Our attorneys make it a point to provide personal, compassionate care for each and every client. Here are a few clients who were particularly happy with the representation we provided:

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you once again for the outstanding legal representation with which you provided me. Since our first conversation, I have had great confidence in your ability to represent me due to your honest and straightforward manner. From the very beginning, you informed me of the worst case scenario I could be facing, as well as your honest opinion of the best case scenario you saw probable. With that in mind, I was absolutely shocked and ecstatic when you informed me of the plea bargain you were able to establish. Never in my wildest dreams did I consider that Court Supervision would be a possibility, and the fact that you were able to attain that for me on both charges is beyond impressive. Not only have you proven to be an extraordinary defense attorney, but you have also demonstrated a genuine concern for your clients. You have answered all of my questions with patience and honesty and also responded to any and all inquiries in a very timely manner. It is because of your superb representation that I was able to walk away from today’s events with an immense sense of relief and peace of mind. I will be recommending you and your firm to anybody I know who may be in need of your services. Thank you again.


Those of you who are looking to hire an attorney and have that same bad feeling about lawyers that I had, there is at least one good one out there—Brett Appelman—along with his amazing associate Matt Haynam. They are both willing to take calls from clients at any time, day or night. They both have, over a period of four months, earned my trust and have made me feel a whole lot more comfortable than I was before I met them, and if I’m ever in this situation again I would not hesitate to hire them again. You cannot find more down to earth, personable, and on-call lawyers.


I’ve worked with the lawyers at Appelman & Associates a couple of times and every time I’ve had a good experience. I know when people are facing legal troubles it can be scary, and I certainly know I talked their ears off about my issues.

What made me feel great is that every time I talked to either Brett or the other lawyers at the firm, I never felt rushed and I always felt like they really wanted to help me. I got much better results with them than I would have if I went with another firm.

Honestly, I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else and I’ve already referred many people to Appelman & Associates.


If you’re looking for a defense attorney you can trust, and who will give your case the personal and professional attention it needs, call Appelman & Associates.

As a former client, I came to Mr. Appelman with multiple cases that had me looking at an extended stay in the county jail and possibly prison. Brett was able to get me probation on one of them and supervision on the other two. I guarantee Brett will do everything in his power to WIN your case, or get you the best possible deal, just like he did for me! If I ever find myself in that situation again I will not hesitate to contact him!

Thanks Brett!


Brett Appelman helped me with legal issues a little over a year ago. I found him to be extremely professional, as well as personable. He was also very knowledgeable about the law and took the time to explain my options and keep me in the loop throughout the process.

I have since recommended him to friends who’ve needed criminal defense. His practice focuses a lot on DUI work and his work on my friend’s case has been extraordinary. Mr. Appelman also has payment plans and his rates are very fair for the market.

In closing, I can’t state anything better than this: he was able to get the monkey off of my back.


Appelman & Associates was great to work with. I was wracked with anxiety over a roommate dispute. I felt that something had to be done but I didn’t know how to move forward. Initially, I was nervous to meet with a lawyer because I didn’t think anybody would take the case seriously since it was such a small claim. Yet, Sean genuinely took interest in my situation. He listened intently and began working on the case immediately. Most importantly, he was honest and worked earnestly to settle the suit. I would recommend Appelman & Associates to anyone looking for peace of mind and a feeling of justified closure.