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Small claims court is there to help people who are owed smaller sums of money recover their funds. While pursuing civil litigation in most civil courts can become a time-consuming, costly, and years-long process, small claims court is more expedited. Most small claims cases can be addressed in a matter of months. Although it is not strictly necessary, being represented by an attorney can give you the edge you need to breeze through the claims process and start collecting what you are owed. In Illinois, if you are suing for less than $10,000, you are likely eligible to use the small claims process. Although $10,000 may be quite a bit of money in today's economy, many lawsuits are worth far, far more. This means that you can likely take advantage of the smalls claim process even if your claim is not entirely "minor."

Appelman Law LLC is experienced in representing clients in small claims court. Our seasoned courtroom attorneys are skilled in compiling the evidence needed to prove a small claim and providing aggressive representation. We understand the frustration that often accompanies needing to file a case in court and aim to make the process as simple as possible for you. Our attorneys can help with a variety of types of small claims, from minor landlord-tenant disputes to minor injuries and contracts gone awry. In many cases, our clients are able to begin collecting on their judgements in well under a year.

How is Small Claims Court Different?

Small claims court offers a simplified set of rules and an expedited process for settling claims worth less than $10,000. Even if your case proceeds to a hearing, you will not likely need to go through the full formalities of a typical trial. Anyone can initiate small claims court proceedings as long as they are not claiming to be owed more than $10,000.

Small claims court is a common venue for relatively minor cases involving property damage, nonserious personal injuries, breach of contract, or some landlord-tenant disputes.

Property Damage Cases in Small Claims

Cases involving property damage are very common in small claims. For example, if someone rear-ends you and damages your car, or if an expensive tool you loaned someone came back damaged, your case might belong in small claims court. Small claims court can speed up your minor car accident or negligent property damage case and help you avoid the full hassle of litigating.

Landlord Evictions and Unpaid Rent

A landlord can sue for eviction based on property damage or unpaid rent in small claims court. This is a common step when the landlord wants to recover several months of unpaid rent or recoup the costs associated with fixing property damage caused by the tenant. It is best for landlords to be represented in small claims court, even if they are not required to. Landlords doing business through a corporate entity must have an attorney to initiate a claim.

Minor Personal Injury Cases

If you sustained a minor injury due to another party's wrongful actions and your total damages - medical costs, lost income, etc. - are less than $10,000, you are likely able to use the small claims process to recover compensation.

Breach of Contract

Everyone relies on contracts to keep life running smoothly. If someone had a contractual obligation to you that they did not fill, you may have a breach of contract case. Examples may include failing to pay you for services rendered or collecting money for a product they never provided. Many such cases can be adequately addressed in small claims court.

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Appelman Law LLC provides top quality legal representation to those with small claims cases. Our committed Naperville small claims attorneys will do all we can to simplify your case and help you start collecting what is yours. To schedule a free consultation with our knowledgebale DuPage County small claims lawyer, contact us today by calling 630-717-7801 or using our online contact form.

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