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Being accused of domestic battery is likely to be one of the most stressful events you have ever endured. Your arrest was likely the beginning of a massive disruption in your life. Even though you have not been convicted, you probably feel as if you are already being treated as if you are definitely guilty. It feels that way for many, even though everyone is to be treated as innocent until proven guilty. Unfortunately, the impact of a domestic battery arrest can spread far and wide in your life. Depending on your line of work, you may be suspended while the allegations are pending. You may find that your friends and family members treat you differently. Worse, you may have been ejected from your own home due to an automatic temporary protection order.

At Appelman Law LLC, our skilled legal team is highly practiced in defending those who are facing an accusation of domestic battery or domestic violence. We fully realize the effect these cases can have on defendants, and we take each case very seriously. We know that defending a person accused of domestic battery is unlike defending those accused of almost any other offense. A domestic battery conviction can close doors that other misdemeanor charges might not. Defending these cases is about protecting our client's reputation and future as much as they are about the courtroom battle. We will do everything in our power to reduce the impact this case could have on your life. In certain cases and situations, we are able to have charges reduced or dismissed. In others, we are able to reduce the seriousness of the offense through plea bargaining. We will develop an individualized approach based on your personal best interests.

Domestic Battery - A Victim-Based Offense

When most people think of domestic violence cases, they think of violence between romantic partners. While violence against a dating partner, spouse, or past romantic partner is generally considered domestic battery, there are a variety of other situations that lead to domestic battery charges. This is significant because domestic battery is a much more serious offense than simple assault or battery.

You could be charged with domestic battery after an incident of alleged violence against your:

  • Household members - Violence against any member of your household can be treated as domestic battery, even if you live with platonic and unrelated roommates.
  • Family members - If a battery is against anyone you are related to by blood or marriage - including your in-laws and former in-laws - it can be treated as domestic battery.
  • Former partners - Violence against anyone you have had a relationship with can be treated as domestic battery.

You may also be surprised at how broad the legal definition pertaining to the requisite battery is. It is somewhat self-explanatory that violent actions like hitting or shoving a person are considered battery. However, making any physical contact that a reasonable person would likely consider extremely offensive or provocative can also be considered a battery. This includes contacts that do not cause pain or injury, but merely reasonable offense.

It is important to take a domestic battery prosecution very seriously, even if you are entirely innocent. Our goal will be to minimize any disruption to your life while protecting your rights and freedom.

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