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Attorney for Misdemeanor Charges in DuPage County

In the grand scheme of the Illinois Criminal Justice System, misdemeanors are relatively minor crimes. However, the impact this case might have on your life may not feel minor. While there is a big difference between a misdemeanor and a felony, there is an even bigger difference between a misdemeanor and not having a criminal conviction at all. Misdemeanors in Illinois carry no more than one year of jail time, but even a few days in jail can feel like an eternity. Other than the risk of jail time, you could be sentenced to burdensome probation, extensive community service, or steep fines. You may also be worried about collateral consequences, such as losing your job or damage to your reputation. It is important to seek out an attorney who will take the time to understand what your personal priorities are while your case is pending.

A skilled criminal defense attorney can often greatly reduce or eliminate any jail time your particular charge may carry. Appelman Law LLC has many years of experience in helping people who have been charged with a crime fight back. Our success speaks for itself. We have been able to have many clients' cases dismissed, while securing acquittal at trial for others. We will strategize carefully in your case in order to maximize your chances of these excellent outcomes while taking steps to mitigate the impact of this case on your life.

DUI Attorney in Naperville

A DUI is often a person's first contact with the criminal justice system, and a common reason for people to seek substance abuse treatment. A first or second DUI in Illinois can be charged as a high-level misdemeanor if there are no aggravating circumstances.

There are many common DUI defenses you may not realize you could have. Your field sobriety test results could have been inaccurate, or your initial stop unconstitutional. We carefully review each case for possible defenses.

Drug Possession Defense

If you are charged with mere possession, the advantage you have is that the court may focus on rehabilitating rather than punishing you. Our attorneys can help you pursue substance abuse treatment and potentially keep your criminal record clean or limited in the process.

Traffic Crimes Lawyer

Some traffic offenses are a bit more serious than a citation you can just pay. While less serious than a DUI, reckless driving is still a fair bit more serious than speeding. Reckless driving generally means driving in any way that reflects a willful and wanton disregard for the safety of others.

Driving on a suspended or revoked license can also result in misdemeanor charges. There are many factors involved in how serious this offense is, including the reason for the initial suspension and whether you knew your license was inactive.

Illinois Attorney for Theft and Retail Theft

Theft of property worth less than $500 from an individual or organization and theft of property worth less than $350 from a retail store are generally treated as misdemeanors. Retail theft is a very common juvenile charge, but also becomes more common during times of economic difficulty. While courts recognize this, theft can still be punished harshly.

Legal Help With Simple Assault

Assault, a close cousin of battery, means causing another person to reasonably apprehend that you are moments from inflicting a harmful or offensive physical contact. You do not need to have touched the victim to accrue this charge. Sentencing can vary significantly depending on the facts of the case.

DuPage County Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is perhaps the most serious of all misdemeanors. It is looked upon far more harshly than most other crimes of a similar degree and can be punished by up to a full year in jail. Domestic violence may refer to an assault or battery against a romantic or sexual partner, a past romantic or sexual partner, a family member - including in-laws and former in-laws - and anyone you live with. If you are facing this charge, it is important to take the situation very seriously and make your defense your top priority.

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Appelman Law LLC is committed to providing the best legal services possible to each client. Our attorneys understand that even a misdemeanor can have a grave impact on your life and will do all we can to safeguard your interests. For a complimentary consultation, please contact us at 630-717-7801.

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