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Being charged with a crime as a minor can be frightening. You likely have a lot of fears about what could happen as a result of your charge. It is normal and reasonable to be worried. A juvenile conviction can interfere with your prospects after high school. You may face rejection from colleges or be denied entry into a job training program. You could face consequences like extensive community service, which would likely limit your free time. If the offense you are charged with is serious, you could even be sentenced to serve time in juvenile detention. Putting forth a strong legal defense is extremely important.

Appelman Law LLC is experienced in helping minors who have been charged with an offense. We take juvenile cases quite seriously, as there can be a lot at stake. Our attorneys understand that teenagers lack the decision-making skills and life experience adults have, which can lead to them making mistakes. Teenagers are also more susceptible to peer pressure, which is a common contributor to juvenile crime. We believe minors should be given a second chance after making a mistake. We will do all we can to prevent this case from impacting the course of your life.

Retail Theft Attorneys in Naperville

Retail theft is a common juvenile crime. Minors are sometimes pressured into shoplifting by their friends, or may not have the money to pay for something they want. If the value of the stolen goods was less than $300, you are likely only charged with a misdemeanor.

Most retail theft by teenagers is impulsive rather than organized, and teens tend to take only one or two items, such as articles of clothing or candy bars. Most juvenile retail theft falls into this category.

However, you could face felony charges if the value exceeded $300. If this is the case, you could face significant time in juvenile detention.

Illinois Underage Drinking Lawyers

Underage drinking - and underage use of cannabis - are both common reasons that teenagers are arrested. High school aged children may have parties where alcohol is being used. People are commonly arrested when the police arrive at a party and observe underage people drinking alcohol.

Our attorney are skilled at mitigating the impact of this charge. In many cases, we can see sentencing limited to probation or an alcohol education class and community service. In other cases, we can pursue dismissal or acquittal.

Traffic Crimes Attorney for Minors

Teens are still learning to safely operate a vehicle and are naturally prone to risky behavior due to their underdeveloped risk assessment center in the brain. This unfortunately means that teens are often arrested or cited for traffic-related offenses such as speeding or reckless driving. Courts may want to impress the seriousness of unsafe driving upon the defendant in these cases. It is important to have an attorney on your side working to protect you.

Juvenile Assault and Battery Lawyers

Minors tend to get into physical altercations far more frequently than adults. Actions that used to be thought of as schoolyard bullying to be handled by the principal's office are now frequently treated as criminal assault. Schools often turn students who fight over to the justice system rather than giving them detention. This change has led to an influx of juveniles facing assault and battery charges.

It is important to take this charge seriously, especially if you are charged with aggravated assault. This type of charge can have a serious impact on your future.

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Appelman Law LLC is committed to providing juveniles with the best criminal defense services possible. We will consider all your interests and priorities when determining how to approach your individual case. To schedule a free initial consultation with a well-versed DuPage County juvenile crimes defense lawyer, contact us today at 630-717-7801.

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