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We are all aware of the major drug epidemic that has swept the entire country. There is an incredible volume of illicit substances on the streets, satisfying the demand created primarily by people who have become addicted to drugs. Illinois courts are aware that many drug possession defendants are victims of the epidemic. There is a strong behavioral health aspect of these cases, as courts are often inclined to focus on treatment rather than punishment for drug users. On the other hand, courts may look much more harshly upon those it sees as proponents and profiteers of the drug epidemic. Trafficking and manufacturing of illicit substances are very serious crimes. The outcome of your case may depend on the quality of your representation.

Appelman Law LLC is deeply committed to providing the best legal defense possible to each and every client, no matter what their charges are. Whether you are charged with misdemeanor possession or felony trafficking, your case is likely incredibly serious to you. A criminal charge can have a major impact on your life. You could lose your freedom for a period of time, or you may be ordered to attend substance abuse treatment and stop using drugs, which can be a scary prospect. Our legal team is here to help you in any way we can.

Drug Possession Attorneys in DuPage County

Drug possession cases are generally the least serious drug crimes, however, they can still affect your life. In most cases, simple possession of a substance for personal use is a misdemeanor. Possession can also be a felony if there are larger amounts of hard drugs like methamphetamine or heroin, or if you have prior offenses.

In many cases, people charged with drug possession are struggling with substance abuse. Courts recognize this and often aim to rehabilitate offenders, such as by ordering a court-supervised recovery program instead of jail time. It is important to be represented so that your attorney can take the right steps to protect you.

Illinois Drug Trafficking Lawyer

Drug trafficking has a very specific definition in Illinois. It describes the act of bringing illicit substances into the state. This statute was designed to help bring down the major criminal operations responsible for importing drugs from out of state into Illinois. However, you do not need to be a participant in organized crime or even a habitual trafficker to be charged with this offense. Bringing drugs - including large quantities of cannabis - into the state even once can be considered trafficking.

This felony offense often leads to long prison sentences. Courts view traffickers as bearing some responsibility for the severity of the drug epidemic and may punish them harshly.

Drug Manufacturing Defense

The offense of drug manufacturing covers a wide range of activities concerning the preparation of illicit substances. Preparing drugs for use, converting drugs into a different form, packaging or repackaging drugs, unlawfully cultivating cannabis, or cutting substances with a filler, are all likely considered drug manufacturing in Illinois. It is noteworthy that preparing or processing drugs for your own personal use is not considered manufacturing, providing many with a strong legal defense.

Drug manufacturing is almost always a felony. However, successfully defending the case is possible. We will do all we can to achieve a favorable outcome.

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Appelman Law LLC is committed to providing the highest quality legal defense to each client. We will take your personal priorities into account when preparing your best possible defense strategy. To schedule a complimentary consultation with an experienced DuPage County drug crimes lawyer, please contact us at 630-717-7801.

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