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A DUI is a very common criminal charge. In fact, it is one of the most common crimes people are arrested for in Illinois. If you are facing one, you are far from alone - but you are in danger of facing jail time and other serious penalties. Although many, many individuals are arrested for DUI every week in Illinois, courts take the offense seriously. Judges are accustomed to seeing the worst outcomes associated with drunk driving. While you may not have harmed anyone or caused an accident, the court is likely to be concerned with the fact that you could have. You should not be treated as though you are guilty at this stage in the prosecution, as you have not yet been given the opportunity to defend yourself. However, a lot of things that happen in court can make you feel as if you are already guilty. It is important to be represented by an aggressive attorney who can stand up for your constitutional rights throughout your proceedings.

Appelman Law LLC takes DUI defense seriously. Although DUI is generally a misdemeanor offense, it can still have a serious impact on your life. We understand that these cases are about much more than the potential sentencing. A DUI can jeopardize your career, education, reputation, and social relationships. Our approach to DUI defense takes into consideration every way this case could affect you. Your priorities become our priorities, as we recognize that each client will have a different set of concerns. We fight for the best outcome possible in every case.

First DUI Charges in Illinois

If you do not have any prior DUI convictions and there were no aggravating factors such as causing injuries or carrying a child passenger, you are most likely facing a misdemeanor charge. This is called a "simple" DUI, and it can still result in up to a year of jail time. Equally troublesome to many is the probably drivers license suspension. It is important to work with a skilled lawyer to fight back even if this is the only criminal charge you have ever faced.

Multiple DUI Defense

If you have prior DUI convictions and are accused of a repeat DUI, you are in more serious legal jeopardy. Although a second DUI is still a misdemeanors in most cases, your driving privileges could be revoked for years.

A third DUI is automatically charged as a felony in Illinois. A felony is punishable by more than a year in prison. The more DUIs you have, the longer the potential sentence you face is.

Felony DUI Attorneys in DuPage County

An aggravated DUI is a DUI involving one or more factors deemed to increase the seriousness of the offense. Most aggravated DUIs are felonies. Aggravating factors include:

  • Causing injuries to others,
  • Carrying a child passenger,
  • Having an extremely high B.A.C.
  • Causing a fatality,
  • Not carrying insurance.

Defending a DUI Case

Few DUI cases are entirely airtight. Most forms of evidence used in DUI cases are fallible. Blood and breath tests can be inaccurate for any number of reasons, such as the presence of a radio in the room or potential contamination of a test tube. Field sobriety tests can be unreliable, as the testing conditions can vary wildly in the field. High winds or improper footwear could cause a sober person to appear intoxicated. There are also defenses related to constitutional issues. For example, if you were pulled over without a reason, your arrest may be invalid. It will take the skill of a trained and experienced attorney to identify the best defense strategy in your case.

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Appelman Law LLC is committed to providing DUI defendants of all types with the highest quality legal services. Our practiced team of DUI attorneys will do all we can to prevent this charge from interfering with your life. To begin with a free consultation, please contact us at 630-717-7801.

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