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Drug crimes run the spectrum from fairly minor misdemeanors to very serious felonies. Likely the least serious drug charge is possession for personal use. Courts are likely to see these defendants as victims of the drug epidemic rather than proponents of it. Sentencing in personal use cases tends to focus on treating and rehabilitating the defendant rather than punishing them or "getting them off the streets." At the other end of the spectrum is drug trafficking. Courts are inclined to view drug traffickers as among the parties responsible for the modern drug epidemic. Judges see the war on drugs play out in their courtrooms every day and do not look kindly on defendants who are part of the supply chain. Those who put drugs on the streets and in the hands of the end users are seen as more morally blameworthy than the end users themselves, and as such are subject to far longer and more harsh sentences.

Appelman Law LLC has many years of experience defending individuals who have been accused of major drug crimes like trafficking and drug manufacturing. Our skilled team of lawyers begins each case by meticulously combing over all available evidence so that we can begin crafting the best possible defense strategy from day one. In some cases, we are able to see drug manufacturing charges reduced to a misdemeanor offense. In others, we have even been able to get cases dismissed entirely. We understand the seriousness of being prosecuted for drug trafficking and will do all we can to see you return to your life as it was before when your case concludes.

Drug Trafficking Charges Explained

Drug trafficking is a serious felony. While some states consider drug trafficking and drug distribution to be nearly synonymous, the legal definition of trafficking in Illinois is far more specific. Drug trafficking refers specifically to the act of transporting drugs from out of state into Illinois with the intent to distribute them. The statute is designed to be very harsh on those bringing drugs into the state, as those doing so are often part of a larger criminal operation. Illinois' drug trafficking statute was created to deal with serious criminals responsible for supplying drugs and worsening the deadly addiction epidemic.

Unfortunately, drug trafficking laws can apply to bringing cannabis from another state into Illinois. Many people are arrested after driving out of state to purchase cannabis in bulk to take advantage of better pricing. As you can see, you do not need to be deeply entwined in the criminal underworld in order to be accused of drug trafficking.

It is very common for people charged with drug trafficking to also be charged with related offenses, such as possession with intent to distribute or manufacturing. These are offenses of approximately equal seriousness. If you are facing multiple charges, it is important to take the situation very seriously. Your chances of being convicted of at least one offense are much higher.

To fight back, you will need the assistance of an experienced and capable attorney. Our lawyers have a particular focus on high-level drug crime and have learned some of the most powerful defense strategies that can be employed in these cases. We will put our years of experience to use in giving you the best legal defense possible in your case.

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Appelman Law LLC is a firm of experienced criminal defense attorneys who have successfully handled many high-level drug crime cases in the past. Our well-versed DuPage County drug trafficking attorneys will do everything we can to achieve the best outcome possible in your case. Contact us at 630-717-7801 for a complimentary consultation.

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