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Drug crimes can range in seriousness from very minor offenses, like possession for personal use, to much more serious crimes like trafficking. Drug manufacturing is near the top of the list in terms of seriousness. It is almost always a felony, so people can and do spend years and years in prison for it. In cases involving mere drug users, courts tend to accept that the person is struggling with the disease of addiction and focus on rehabilitating, rather than punishing them. Possession of hard drugs by an addict can be seen as an offense of reduced moral blameworthiness. However, when the defendant stands accused of manufacturing drugs, the court is likely to believe that the person is contributing to the societal drug epidemic rather than a victim of it. Courts may show little mercy when a person is found to be putting drugs that could cause harm to others on the street. If you are accused of manufacturing drugs, you are in a very serious legal situation.

Appelman Law LLC is highly experienced when it comes to defending people who have been accused of manufacturing drugs. We are a skilled drug crime law firm dedicated to taking on major cases involving the most serious drug-related offenses. When we take your case, we will undertake a meticulous review of the facts and evidence in order to develop a customized defense strategy for you. Criminal defense is about more than proving or disproving a single accusation - it is about defending the whole person in all areas of their life that could be affected by a criminal prosecution. We take each and every case just as seriously as we would if we stood in your shoes.

Understanding Drug Manufacturing Charges in Illinois

Drug manufacturing is a more broad legal term than most people are aware. Conduct like cooking methamphetamine in a laboratory certainly falls under the definition of drug manufacturing, but the legal definition encompasses a far broader range of activities. In Illinois, the offense of drug manufacturing includes actions like:

  • Preparing or processing drugs - This includes actions like repackaging a large quantity of a drug into smaller bags, cutting powdered drugs with another substance, or converting a drug into another form.
  • Growing cannabis - While marijuana is generally legal for adults to possess, illegally cultivating the plant can lead to drug manufacture charges.
  • Imitating a controlled substance - Creating a substance intended to imitate or mimic the effects of a controlled substance can be treated the same as actually manufacturing the substance.

Defending a Drug Manufacturing Case

It can take a well-practiced attorney to spot the best possible defense in a drug manufacturing case. You may have a very strong defense that you are yet unaware of.

Common defense strategies for drug manufacturing include:

  • Attacking the search - The police must comply with strict constitutional requirements that dictate when they can and cannot search a person or their property. If the search that led to your arrest was illegal, evidence stemming from it could be thrown out.
  • Knowledge of the contraband - Depending on where the drugs were found, we may be able to argue that they did not belong to you or that you did not know they were there.
  • Personal use - Generally, drug manufacturing laws do not cover substances you prepared only for your own personal use.

Our goal is to identify the strongest defense strategy possible in your individual case and use it to bring about the best outcome possible.

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