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Violent Crimes Attorney in Naperville, IL

Violent crimes are of incredible consequence in Illinois. Violent offenders are seen as some of the most serious criminals. While some offenses involving violence remain misdemeanors, courts are still likely to take these cases quite seriously. Even misdemeanor assault or misdemeanor domestic violence carry up to a year in jail, and judges often order some jail time. If you are facing a violent felony charge, you are in a grave predicament. Most violent felonies carry many years in jail. In some cases mandatory minimum sentences apply. However, an arrest and charge is not a conviction. You have the right and opportunity to put forth a defense.

Appelman Law LLC will thoroughly review all the evidence and allegations involved in your case in order to determine what your best defense strategy is likely to be. When we do this, we often uncover strong defenses, such as illegal searches or evidence to suggest that you may have been defending yourself. Your priorities are important, and we will take the time to understand your needs.

Assault and Aggravated Assaut Attorney

Assault means causing another person to reasonably apprehend that you are about to batter them. Battery means making or causing physical contact with a victim in a manner that is harmful, painful, offensive, or provocative. Many individuals are charged with both assault and battery for the same incident. If the victim saw you raise your fist before you struck him, that is likely both assault and battery. if you stop your fist just before their nose, it is likely a simple assault. A simple assault is generally a misdemeanor.

Aggravated assault is a felony. An assault can be considered aggravated for a number of reasons. Assaults against certain protected persons, such as police officers, the elderly, and disabled persons, are considered aggravated. Additionally, assaults committed in certain places, such as public property or sports venues, are aggravated. The final category of aggravated assaults included the use of a weapon or wearing anything designed to conceal your identity.

Domestic Violence Lawyer in Naperville

Although domestic violence is usually a misdemeanor, it is a rather severe one. Judges often do order jail time for individuals convicted of domestic violence. The term domestic violence refers to battery between romantic partners, family members, former romantic partners, in-laws, former in-laws, and anyone else who lives in your house.

Conflict between people you have a domestic relationship with can easily escalate to violence. Even something as simple as shoving a person who has entered your personal space may lead to a domestic violence arrest.

In some cases, we can work to have the charges reduced so that you will not have a domestic violence conviction and the stigma that comes with it. In other cases, we find a strong legal defense. We will do all we can to bring about the most favorable outcome possible.

Defending Violent Crime Cases

One of the most commonly used defenses is claiming self-defense. Everyone has the right to defend themself when threatened. The police do not know what happened before they arrived and sometimes arrest the wrong person. This is especially common in domestic violence cases.

There may also be a lack of proof regarding what happened. In cases where the alleged victim does not cooperate with the prosecution, it may be extremely difficult for the state to prove the charge unless there are other reliable witnesses or camera footage.

Remember that an arrest is not a conviction. Your attorney will review the evidence and allegations involved with your case in order to develop an individualized defense strategy.

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