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Generally speaking, most traffic offenses are relatively non-serious from a strictly legal viewpoint. In most cases, traffic offenses are violations that carry no jail time, or misdemeanors, which carry less than a year and often result in far, far less if incarceration is used at all. There are some exceptions, such as felony DUI and felony driving on a suspended license, which can be charged when there are aggravating circumstances. Whether you are facing a speeding ticket or a major DUI, there is one aspect of traffic offenses that can have a severe impact on your life - traffic defendants run the risk of losing their drivers license, either permanently or for a period of time. Not being able to drive can make getting around challenging. Although Chicago has an excellent public transportation system, navigating the suburbs without being able to drive can be challenging. For this reason, your traffic case is likely worth fighting.

Traffic crimes are a major focus of our practice at Appelman Law LLC. Our experienced traffic lawyers have handled traffic cases of all types with great success. We may be able to have your charges reduced or dismissed in some cases. Our goal is to minimize or eliminate the impact this case is going to have on your lifestyle. We will do all we can to protect your driving privileges and freedom.

Illinois DUI Attorneys

A DUI is a rather common charge, but it can be very scary to face. DUI can be charged as a misdemeanor or as a felony depending on factors like whether anyone was injured and whether you have prior DUI offenses. It is one of the most serious traffic-related offenses.

The good news is that there are many possible powerful defense strategies in DUI cases. We may be able to challenge the results of your field sobriety test or chemical testing. Our attorneys will analyze your case and learn your priorities so that we can provide you with the best defense possible.

Lawyers for Reckless Driving in Naperville

Reckless driving is a bit more serious than a speeding ticket. Reckless driving is defined as driving in any way that reflects a willful and wanton disregard for the safety of others around you. This may include excessive speeding, reckless passing, road rage behaviors, and other actions that endanger others on the road. The definition is intentionally left vague in order to encompass a wide range of dangerous driving types. Some represented parties are able to see this charge reduced to the level of a violation.

Speeding Ticket Attorneys Serving DuPage County

Too many tickets can lead to a suspended license. It is important to take citations seriously. Many people do not realize that there are ways to fight a speeding ticket. Represented parties often see success in raising defenses to speeding such as arguing that it was necessary to speed up for safety reasons, such as to prevent a collision with someone merging onto the highway, or by showing that a speed limit sign was obstructed.

Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License

Being charged with driving on a suspended license can be very serious, or not so serious depending on the circumstances. Some people may not have known that their license was suspended until they were pulled over. Others knew that they were under DUI suspension, which can make the case a bit more serious. It is critical that you are represented if you are facing this charge.

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At Appelman Law LLC, our experienced criminal defense team is dedicated to helping those accused of traffic crimes. Our skilled team of traffic crime attorneys can help with a wide variety of traffic-related offenses, including reckless driving and driving under suspension. Contact us at 630-717-7801 for a complimentary initial consultation.

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