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There is almost no such thing as a planned criminal charge. People are often taken by surprise at their arrest, even if they knew it was a risk. Some defendants expected this outcome sooner or later, while others are taken by complete shock. Either way, being charged with a crime can be an intensely stressful experience. You likely have a lot of fears about what the outcome could be. Will you serve time in prison? What would life as a felon be like? Will your spouse leave you and your boss fire you? It is normal to be fearful of possibilities like these. Likely, the best thing you can do for yourself is to immediately seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Appelman Law LLC is a firm of seasoned criminal lawyers with experience representing those charged with both misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors carry less than a year of jail time, but the collateral consequences may interfere with your life. Felonies are the most serious offenses and carry at least one year in prison. Facing either can be menacing. Our attorneys will take the time to learn what your individual concerns and priorities are so that we can tailor our representation to best serve your interests.

Wheaton DUI and Traffic Crime Defense

Traffic offenses like speeding are technically violations, which carry no jail time. However, some traffic crimes are much more serious. Driving on a suspended license, DUI, and reckless driving are all at least misdemeanors and can result in jail time and further loss of driving privileges. Depending on the circumstances, you could even face felony charges for some traffic crimes.

Violent Crime and Weapons Offenses

Offenses involving even relatively minor violence are taken quite seriously because these crimes can endanger the public. Even nonviolent gun crime by lawful firearm owners may be treated harshly.

Even simple assault, the least serious of the assaultive offenses, can result in jail time or disruption to your life. Domestic violence is comparable to simple assault, except that there is a domestic relationship between the victim and the offender. It is a bit more serious, even in its misdemeanor form, and more likely to result in jail time, however.

Aggravated assault is a felony and could carry a very long prison sentence depending on the circumstances.

DuPage County Drug Crime Attorneys

Some drug crime is quite minor, while some is incredibly serious. At the least serious end of the spectrum is simple possession. Courts are aware that these are generally people struggling with addiction rather than serious criminals, and a behavioral health program in lieu of conviction or jail time may be an option. Supply-side offenders like manufacturers and traffickers may be seen as sharing responsibility for the drug epidemic and dealt with more harshly.

Theft and Retail Theft Defense

Theft and retail theft both tend to increase during difficult economic times. Unfortunately, the value limit before retail theft becomes a felony is only $300. In standard theft, that limit increases to $500. It is very easy for a person to cross over that limit without being aware. Putting forward a strong legal defense is very important.

Juvenile Crime Attorneys Serving DuPage County

Juvenile convictions can stand between a young person and their goals. Even a simple matter of underage drinking can make a difference in college admissions. Juveniles charged with more serious offenses may be at risk for having their cases transferred to adult court. It is important for juvenile defendants to be represented, as there are steps an attorney can take to protect the young person's future.

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Appelman Law LLC provides aggressive and skilled representation to people facing criminal charges. We can handle a wide variety of criminal charges from the most minor to the most serious. For a complimentary consultation, please contact us at 630-717-7801.

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