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Can I Face Criminal Charges for Distributing Prescription Drugs?

 Posted on June 27, 2024 in Drug Charges

IL defense lawyerPrescription drug abuse has become a serious concern in the United States, and Illinois is no exception. The distribution of prescription drugs without proper authorization can lead to criminal charges and serious penalties. Understanding the laws surrounding prescription drug distribution and the circumstances under which doctors, pharmacists, or patients may face drug charges is crucial for anyone who has been accused of these offenses. An experienced attorney can help determine the best defense strategies to use in these situations. At Appelman Law LLC, we can provide effective legal representation while protecting the rights of people facing accusations of distributing prescription drugs.

Prescription Drug Distribution Laws in Illinois

Prescription drugs are classified as controlled substances under Illinois law. They are regulated to prevent abuse and ensure they are used only for legitimate medical purposes. The Illinois Controlled Substances Act addresses the illegal distribution of these drugs, outlining specific penalties for violations.

The unlawful distribution of prescription drugs can lead to multiple different types of charges. Offenses may include:

  • Possession with intent to distribute: If a person is found in possession of a large quantity of prescription drugs, they may be charged with intent to distribute. This charge is a felony and can result in significant prison time and fines.
  • Delivery of a controlled substance: This charge applies to those who physically transfer prescription drugs to another person unlawfully. It is also a felony with severe penalties.
  • Prescription fraud: Engaging in activities to obtain prescription drugs fraudulently can result in criminal charges, including forgery and fraud.

When Doctors and Pharmacists May Face Charges

Healthcare professionals are held to high standards when it comes to prescribing and dispensing medications. Violations of these standards can lead to criminal charges for drug distribution. Medical providers may be accused of engaging in activities such as:

  • Overprescribing and pill mills: Doctors who prescribe medications excessively or without proper medical justification may be accused of running a "pill mill." This term refers to a medical practice that prescribes large amounts of controlled substances without a legitimate medical reason. Pill mills contribute to prescription drug abuse and can lead to criminal charges against the doctor and others involved in drug conspiracies.
  • Fraudulent prescriptions: Pharmacists who knowingly fill prescriptions without legitimate medical purposes or who fail to adhere to proper dispensing protocols may face criminal charges. They are required to verify the legitimacy of prescriptions and ensure they are dispensing medication appropriately, and they may face penalties if they fail to do so.

When Patients May Face Charges

Patients are not exempt from the law when it comes to prescription drugs. There are several ways in which patients can find themselves facing criminal charges, including:

  • Doctor shopping: Patients who visit multiple doctors to obtain the same prescription drugs can be charged with drug-related offenses. This practice is illegal and is considered a form of prescription fraud.
  • Sharing prescription drugs: Sharing or selling prescription drugs, even with friends or family members, is illegal. Patients caught distributing prescription medications can face serious criminal charges.

Contact Our DuPage County Prescription Drug Crimes Lawyer

Charges related to the unlawful distribution of prescription drugs can be very serious. Convictions may lead to large fines, lengthy prison sentences, the requirement to receive drug treatment, and other penalties. At Appelman Law LLC, our Naperville drug crimes attorney can provide effective legal representation in these cases, helping patients, medical providers, or others who have been charged with drug crimes determine the best options for defense. Contact us at 630-717-7801 to discuss your situation in a free consultation and explore your legal options. We are ready to help you protect your rights and ensure that you can put forth a strong defense against these serious charges.

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