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Cyber-Bullying Laws in Illinois

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Introduction, Definition

In our tech-savvy society, cyber-bullying has become a rampant problem. Bullies not only push and shove on the playground; now they also insult and harass on the internet, hiding safely behind a mask of anonymity.

Cyber-bullying is the repeated harassment of a person through an electronic medium, such as e-mail, text messaging, or social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). It is most prevalent among children and teenagers who have access to these modes of communication at increasingly younger ages. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, 43% of teenagers report that they have been victims of cyber-bullying.

Cyber-bullying is often much more severe than traditional bullying because it allows the bully to hide behind an electronic façade. This permits the cyber-bully to be much harsher than he/she would be in person. The intensity of this harassment can have terrible psychological effects on victims.


A proposed Illinois bill would make it legal for individuals under the age of 21 to legally consume alcohol in bars and restaurants if they are in the company of their approving parents or legal guardian.

It may sound like an odd law, but it’s been on the books in Wisconsin for a number of years. Now, Illinois is considering adopting a similar law. Not surprisingly, the proposal is being met with support and opposition.

“I honestly think it’s a bad idea,” says bar and restaurant owner Andy Rio. “We have customers that are 21 and can’t even handle their alcohol. We’re totally 100 percent against something like that.”

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