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Common Halloween Crimes And How To Stay Safe

 Posted on October 25, 2019 in Criminal Law

Halloween is coming up quickly, and while it can be an enjoyable night for the whole family, it also provides an opportunity for mischief and crime. Police know this and will be out in full force, so we thought we’d take this chance to share some tips so you can avoid some legal trouble this Halloween. Below, we take a closer look at some common Halloween crimes and how you can avoid legal problems this Halloween.

Common Halloween Crimes In Illinois

Here’s a look at some of the more common crimes we get calls about in the days after an arrest on Halloween.

  1. DUI – Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, so we don’t expect as many DUI calls this year as we will in 2020 when it falls on a Saturday, but many people still head out to the bars or to a party and overindulge on spirits. Police know that there will be more drunk drivers on the road compared to a normal night, and when you factor in small children walking around neighborhoods, you can bet that police will be out in full force looking to keep communities safe. They’ve conducted extra DUI enforcement patrols in the past, and we expect them to do the same again this year, so make smart decisions if you’re going to drink on Halloween.
  2. Vandalism – We also expect to get a few calls about vandalism charges following the holiday. Teens sometimes like to use Halloween as a time to toilet paper a house or vandalize their school, but these seemingly innocent crimes can have severe repercussions. The penalties for vandalism can include fines and jail time, so don’t assume you’ll be let off with a slap on the wrist. Make smart choices and don’t cave into peer pressure on Halloween.
  3. Disorderly Conduct – This is kind of a catch-all charge that police use for general mischief, and it’s common on Halloween night. If you’re ding dong ditching the neighborhood at midnight or playing loud music during a Halloween party, you may end up facing some form of disorderly conduct. We also see a number of alcohol-related disorderly conduct charges from individuals who start fights or refuse to leave an area.
  4. Trespassing – Halloween night might sound like a great night to sneak into that abandoned factory on the outskirts of town or spend the night in a cemetery, but if you get caught, you’ll be facing trespassing charges. Similar to DUI, police know that people may be more likely to trespass on Halloween night, so they may conduct extra patrols on areas that may attract trespassers.

If you or someone you know ends up facing any of these charges or another criminal charge as a result of some Halloween hijinks, make sure they reach out to Appelman Law to learn how to best proceed with their case. Also, in an effort to do everything we can to help keep you safe this Halloween, please consider reading this past blog we wrote about sex offender compliance on Halloween, and check out this interactive map that allows you to view registered sex offenders in your area. Have a safe and fun Halloween, and contact Appelman Law for all your criminal defense needs.

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