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Defending Multiple Criminal Charges in Illinois

 Posted on March 28, 2024 in Criminal Law

IL defense lawyerIt is common for a person who gets arrested to be charged with more than one criminal offense. This is especially true if your arrest stemmed from a traffic stop. People may get pulled over for a mundane reason, like speeding or having a taillight out, only for the police to discover that the person appears to be under the influence of drugs. Then, while making a DUI arrest, the police search the vehicle and discover that the person is also in possession of drugs. Now, the arrestee is facing both a DUI and a possession charge. If the person being arrested is, in fact, quite under the influence and cannot calm down and submit to the officers, now they are also charged with resisting arrest on top of the other two charges. If you are facing multiple criminal charges in Illinois, the situation is not hopeless, but it is important to contact a skilled Naperville, IL criminal defense lawyer immediately.

What is a Lesser Included Offense?

A lesser-included offense is a less serious crime one necessarily has to commit in the course of committing a more serious crime. For example, someone who is manufacturing drugs must also be committing the crime of possessing drugs. Prosecutors will almost always charge the more serious crime rather than the lesser crime. This means that a person is not likely to be charged with both possession and manufacturing, which can actually reduce the number of offenses a person is charged with.

However, even if you are only charged with manufacturing, you could still be convicted of possession under this law if you are ultimately acquitted of manufacturing.

Plea Bargaining in Multiple Charge Cases

When a defendant has multiple charges, this may work to his or her advantage in plea bargaining. Prosecutors usually make it their goal to see the defendant convicted of something, rather than insisting on fighting for a conviction on each and every charge. Your attorney may be able to determine which charges the state is willing to dismiss in exchange for a guilty plea to a different offense. Sometimes, this means that a felony may be dismissed if the defendant pleads guilty to a related misdemeanor instead.

Why Prosecutors May Charge Numerous Offenses

Prosecutors frequently use a “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” approach to charging people who have been arrested. In most cases, one or more of a person’s multiple charges will ultimately be dismissed as the prosecutor focuses on the most relevant or serious offense.

Contact a Naperville, IL Criminal Defense Attorney

Appelman Law LLC is experienced in working with defendants who are facing multiple charges. Dedicated DuPage County, IL criminal defense lawyer Brett Appelman holds a Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology and will work with you and the court to seek out the most positive result possible. Contact us at 630-717-7801 for a free consultation.

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