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Defining & Defending Harassment Crimes in Illinois

 Posted on March 20, 2019 in Criminal Law

Harassment is a serious crime in the state of Illinois, but there are a lot of nuances and complexities when it comes to defining harassment. The focus of this article is harassment crimes in Illinois. We’ll discuss the types of harassment and how to deal with a harassment charge.

Defining Harassment Under Illinois Law

In Illinois, Harassment is defined under 720 ILCS 135. In general, harassment is defined as “intentional acts which can cause someone to be worried, anxious, or uncomfortable.” There are a few different types of harassment under state law including: harassment by telephone, and harassment by electronic communications.

Harassment by Telephone

You can be charged with harassment by telephone if you use a phone to do any of the following:

  • Place obscene calls with the intent to offend.
  • Place a call with the intent to threaten, abuse, or harass someone.
  • Place repeated calls to a person with the intent to harass.

It’s important to note that you can be charged with telephone harassment if you allow another person to use your phone to commit the harassment – even if you are not the person making the call.

Harassment by Electronic Communications

Harassment by electronic communications is defined as using electronic communications (such as a computer or the internet) to do any of the following:

  • Make obscene comments with the intent to offend.
  • Interrupt the telephone or electronic communications service of another person.
  • Threaten to injure a person or their family members.

Similar to telephone harassment, you can still be charged with this crime if you allow another person to commit these acts with your personal electronic communications device.

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