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Do Realistic Defense Strategies Exist for Fighting Speeding Tickets?

 Posted on January 10, 2024 in Traffic violation

Naperville, IL traffic ticket defense lawyerReceiving a speeding ticket can be downright annoying but also costly. If you have received a speeding ticket, it is important to remember that you have legal rights and options to defend yourself. If you are wondering whether realistic defense strategies exist when looking to fight a speeding ticket, the good news is that defense strategies do exist and can be an essential factor in fighting the charges or even having them dismissed. However, implementing these strategies is easier said than done, making acquiring a lawyer necessary. 

Challenging Radar or Laser Accuracy

One common defense strategy in Illinois speeding cases is to present challenges to the accuracy of the radar or laser device used to measure speed. This involves questioning the calibration, maintenance, and proper usage of equipment. Requesting the officer’s training records and maintenance logs can help identify potential errors or inconsistencies. If you can establish doubts about the accuracy of the speed measurement, it may weaken the prosecution’s case and increase your chances of a favorable outcome. 

Argue Necessity or Emergency  

Another defense strategy is to argue that you were speeding out of necessity or due to an emergency. For example, let us say your wife is pregnant and going into labor. In this scenario, it is understandable that someone may be speeding to ensure their wife is able to give birth in a hospital setting rather than in a car or at home. When arguing necessity or emergency, it is crucial to provide compelling evidence supporting your claim, such as medical records of some kind or witness statements. This defense strategy requires demonstrating that your actions were 

reasonable under the circumstances.

Challenge the Officer’s Observations

You can also challenge the officer’s observations and credibility. This defense will involve questioning the officer’s ability to determine your speed accurately. This strategy can be particularly effective when adverse weather conditions, obstructed views, or other factors could have affected their judgment. Cross-examining the officer during trial can help highlight any inconsistencies or contradictions in their testimony. Additionally, presenting evidence, such as photographs or witness statements contradicting the officer’s observations, can strengthen your defense. 

Let Our Naperville, IL Traffic Crimes Attorney Help You 

When facing a speeding ticket, it is important not to forget that you do have legal options to defend yourself. While there is no guarantee hiring a traffic crimes lawyer will rid you of the offenses you are facing, it will indeed give you the best chance at fighting and beating the allegations. To get started, contact the skilled DuPage County, IL speeding ticket lawyer with Appelman Law LLC. Call 630-717-7801 for a free consultation.

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