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How a DUI Charge Can Impact Your Auto Insurance Rates

 Posted on May 08, 2019 in DUI

It’s a well-known fact that an Illinois DUI charge affects your driving privileges. But what most people don’t understand is the impact a DUI offense can have on their auto insurance costs.

After a DUI Charge

After receiving a DUI charge, it will likely take your insurance company 6 to 12 months to check your record and make arrangements to cancel your policy. Once your insurance carrier finds out about your charge, the average rates for auto insurance will double compared to preferred carrier rates.

Your insurance company can’t immediately cancel your policy after becoming aware of your DWI arrest. They must first give you notice of cancellation. This will give you a short amount of time to find another insurance company.

The degree (or level) of DWI makes no difference to the non-standard or high risk insurance companies in terms of increased costs. DWIs have become so common that some carriers do not charge as much for just one DWI charge. But, a DWI charge that is “reduced” to a careless or reckless driving offense can increase your auto insurance.

In fact, most insurance companies charge much higher points for a careless or reckless driving conviction than for a single DWI offense. So be careful if you have a DWI “reduced” to a careless or reckless conviction, because you might end up paying more for your insurance. Additionally, a careless/reckless driving charge is still considered a major violation to a preferred company, and could get you canceled.

Major Violations

These major violations impact your insurance rates for three to five years. Most of the time it’s a five year sentence with preferred companies, but some preferred carriers may let you in earlier if your credit history is outstanding.

Although the average increase in car insurance doubles after a DWI, rates can go up very little in some cases, depending on various factors. Your credit, traffic, accident, and insurance history can sometimes save you money with a non-standard carrier. There are even several non-standard insurance carriors that craft their rates specifically for DWI charges.

The best chance to get back to the preferred carrier rates in less than five years is to:

  • Keep your insurance with high limits
  • Hold several policies with the same carrier
  • Refrain from receiving any other violations or having any accidents

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