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How To Know If You Should Hire A Defense Lawyer

 Posted on August 23, 2019 in Criminal Law

The majority of people haven’t been in serious trouble with the law, so when something flukey occurs and they end up facing criminal charges, oftentimes they are unsure what they should do next. Some instances are best handled with a professional legal team at your side, while other cases you may be fine going it alone. While there’s no perfect system for determining your best options following an arrest, there are some factors to consider that can make your decision easier. In today’s blog, we look at some of the factors that can be used to determine whether you should consider hiring a lawyer to defend you in court.

Is A Lawyer Worth It?

When it comes to determining if you should hire a lawyer to assist with your case, don’t just consider the price of a lawyer. You need to consider the totality of the circumstances that you’re facing. Looking at the following factors can help you decide if you should have a defense lawyer by your side in court:

  • Driver’s license loss – If you stand to lose your license upon conviction, it’s a good idea to consider a lawyer. Odds are you need your license in order to get to work, shuttle the kids around or just run errands, so losing this would be a major inconvenience and could negatively impact other areas of your life.
  • Job loss – If the arrest threatens your employment, whether it be because you can’t reliably get to work without a license or if a conviction would be a fireable offense, you need to hire a lawyer. Your job is your income, and if that is threatened, you need a strong legal defense.
  • Acceptance status – Some charges, most notably drug charges, affect a person’s ability to get their application approved, whether that be an application to rent a house, purchase a firearm or get into the college of their dreams. If you’re facing drug charges, felony charges or another charge that could result in denial of future application prospects, consult with professional legal help before trial.
  • Mandatory jail time – Even misdemeanor charges carry potential jail sentences, but first offenders rarely get jail time in most instances. However, if you’re facing serious charges or this isn’t your first time facing these charges, they may carry mandatory jail time upon conviction. This speaks to the severity of the charges and suggests you’d benefit from legal counsel.
  • If you’re confused or want help – A final reason to consider hiring a lawyer is if you feel lost or don’t know where to turn after an arrest. We offer a free case evaluation where you can sit down with a lawyer, go over your options and decide how you want to move forward. Sometimes that’s with a lawyer, and sometimes that’s on your own. You’ve got nothing to lose by learning more about your options and talking to a lawyer, so consider setting up that meeting today.

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