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January A Popular Month For Divorce In Illinois

 Posted on January 06, 2017 in Law

2017 is here, and now that the calendar has turned, many family law practices are expecting an influx of calls about starting the divorce process. In fact, in many circles January is considered “Divorce Month,” although many who practice family law suggest that it’s more like “I’m starting to think about my options” month. So why is January such a popular month for starting the divorce process? We explain in today’s blog.

Starting The Divorce Process In Illinois

There are a number of factors that contribute to a person deciding to look into their separation options in January. Here’s a look at some of the factors:

  • Stress from the holidays
  • Postponing divorce through the holidays for the kids/family
  • The new year gives people a renewed look at what they want in a relationship
  • Fewer tax implications by¬†waiting until the new year

However, if you’re moving forward with a divorce or talking about your options with an attorney in January, you’ve likely been having second thoughts about your marriage for a while now. The rush of the holidays can put push your thoughts and feelings to the back burner while you work to appease others during the holiday stretch between late October and the new year, but once the holidays are in the rear view mirror many people take a second look at what they really want out of their relationship.

Considering Divorce In Illinois

If you’re considering divorce in Illinois, one of the best things you can do is to set up a consultation with an attorney. Family law lawyers are here to help guide you through the process, and they’ll be able to explain what you need to record, what information is needed to file and what you can expect throughout the divorce process.

Even if you and your spouse mutually agree that a divorce is best for both parties, you’ll find that the process is best handled with the aid of a divorce attorney. They’ll be able to file all the paperwork and ensure you meet the right deadlines, and they’ll help you get a fair deal. Never assume that you are fine going through an amicable divorce without the assistance of an attorney, because there are so many factors at play during a divorce (child custody, spousal maintenance, property and asset division, etc.) that all it takes is some ambiguous language by your spouse’s attorney to leave you with the short end of the stick. Divorces can certainly be amicable and friendly, but both sides should have their own attorney to protect their best interests.

For more information on starting the divorce process in Illinois, or to just learn more about your options, contact us today.

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