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The Problem With Cheap Divorces In Illinois

 Posted on February 28, 2017 in Family Law

When it comes to hiring an attorney for your family law or criminal law case, you can easily go with the most expensive or the cheapest option and hope for the best. Both have benefits and drawbacks, but the key isn’t whether you hire an expensive or cheap lawyer, it’s about the value that attorney provides you. If an expensive lawyer can get you out of a DUI, it may be worth the cost, and similarly, a cheap attorney can very well go in and win a case for a fraction of the price of a big law firm.

We preface this post with that statement because we’ve been seeing a lot of advertisements for “$99 Divorce” or “Cheap Flat Fee Divorce” in Illinois. Yes, at the outset they appear cheaper and may be your best option, especially if you’re having an amicable split with your spouse and you agree on a number of things, but it still may not be a good move to go with these law groups. We explain why you need to find the right value during your divorce in today’s blog.

Low Cost Divorce In Illinois

There are a number of reasons why these low cost divorce options aren’t as great as advertised. For example:

Hidden Fees – These “$99 Divorces” have a number of hidden fees. You’ll still need to file court filing fees, and oftentimes there are a number of other fees that come along after they’ve got you to sign a contract. You may end up paying for any extra paperwork or agreements that need to be drawn, and those expenses can add up.

No Personalized Touch – Once you become a client, their goal is to settle your divorce as quickly as possible so they can move on to the next client. That means you’ll usually receive only a surface-level review of your case, and things may get overlooked or settled without your best interests in mind.

Not The Best Legal Minds – These firms can operate at such a low cost because you aren’t actually working with a practiced Family Law attorney. Oftentimes your case is handled by a clerk who didn’t even pass the bar, and the only time your paperwork makes it in front of an attorney is when something needs to be signed. Divorce is serious and a number of things need to be settled, so you’ll want an experienced legal mind helping you.

No Extra Help – There are a number of little things that go along with a divorce, like how asset division will affect your taxes or if grandparents want to be included on a custody agreement. You won’t get any extra advice from these firms, which can end up costing you dearly.

There are times when it’s completely fine to go with the cheapest option, but divorce isn’t one of those times. You want a family law lawyer who can walk you through the process, explain your options, fight for your wishes and communicate with you every step of the way. You won’t get that with a $99 Divorce Firm, but you’ll get that and a lot more with Appelman & Associates. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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